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Art is from the soul!

Check out H.D.Timmons

Hey guys :wave:

Please go check out this Fantastic Artist/Writer, He has some amazing art work.

Please Fav, Watch, Share his work!

Here are a couple samples of his work!


BB King scratchboard by hdtimmonsSon Thomas Painting by hdtimmonsWill Smith by hdtimmons

Pay Attention!!!!!!!

Ok everyone, from now on if you do not Submit your art work to the correct folder I am just going to decline and leave it at that.

I am tired of having to message people all the time for putting things in the incorrect folder. I don't know if you're just not paying attention to the folder selection or if you don't know what type of art it is that you do. I mean you do have to pick a category for it to be in when you upload your work correct?

So that should pretty much give it away!!

Well pay attention and enjoy your stay here!

Brandon "Art-Has-Soul"

Welcome to ArtHasSoul


:heart: Welcome, everyone! :heart:
We are all here to support each other!

:bulletblue: Please read the Rules before submitting any artwork :bulletblue:

:bulletred: You may submit up to 2 ARTWORKS PER DAY in our Galleries :bulletred:

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If you'd like to see more of them, you may donate points.

La jumping in Points by Jibodeah

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:bulletyellow: Congratulations to the WINNER of AOTW #13 Anti-Bullying :bulletyellow:

Ahsaotw by Art-Has-Soul



The Winning Piece:

Broken Adults by LittlePurplePlums

Divider II by RBSRdesigns


Ivy ~ Maiden of the Woods by LittlePurplePlums

Our Way to College by LittlePurplePlums

Good Old Friends by LittlePurplePlums

Morning, morning by LittlePurplePlums

Being In Class ~ 1 by LittlePurplePlums

7 000 000 000 by LittlePurplePlums

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Thank you to those who have participated in the contest and those who have voted! We hope to see more entries and votes coming in for the next AOTW!

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Please go check them out! Great Groups!

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For this week's challenge we would like to help bring attention to the Anti-Bullying movement. It's time for people to stand up and say enough is enough!



7:30PM EST 2 April 2014


:star: PRIZES :star:


Ahsaotw by Art-Has-Soul

The winner will get a Journal Feature with YOUR icon, the winning artwork and six other pieces from your gallery! You will also be Featured on the Home Page of the group and get a Badge for WINNING the AOTW. You will also be featured on other groups!

The :points: will increase as donations come in! Every single point donated will be updated here.

:bulletred: 500 :points: to the winner! :bulletred:

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:bulletyellow: Good luck everyone! We look forward to seeing your submissions! :bulletyellow:


1) The Therapist (And others like me)I originally came up with the name ‘The Therapist’ as a joke of what one of my acquaintances had called me. I don’t really have friends, not really. I’m me of course, so I naturally have people who don’t get my sense of humor or who I really am as a person, but that’s fine, even I don’t get it at times. 
So I decided to come up with a short explanation on who The Therapist really is, and what The Therapist does. 
The Therapist was supposed to be a Serial Killer. Period. That’s about it, maybe that explains a lot, but The Therapist was supposed to be a dangerous character that seems to haunt me every so often when I’m deep in thought. Course, me being a human being, my own demons are a part of who I am so when I was referred to as ‘The Therapist’, I laughed it off, and with a little thought came up with my pseudonym to write short-bits like this. 
I am a person, believe it or not, I actually believe I&

2) CourageYou hang in a gang
full of bravado
mock anyone
who reminds you of you
the you on the inside
the one who is scared all the time
the one you hide from
when you hang in a gang
I walk alone
in fear
through your taunts and jeers
every day
Could you do what I do?

3) Something Worth SavingDays remain the same
pushed and shoved
narrow corridors
with unwelcome faces
that don't ever smile
books clasped to chest
finger prints digging in
quick walk steps
a soft patter
lost in the echoes
of pointless chatter
I appear somewhat unreal
the cardigan sleeves
hiding signs of indentations
that have stopped bleeding
but still hurt when I flex
weak muscles
formulation of specific events
define days broken up into sections
of different circles of hell
discoursed words
pushes and pulls
trips that fall
anger that spreads
contempted eyes
mouths that whisper unkind words
at the sound of days end bell
a quick escape
is all I need
to be in a place far from anybody
where I can be me
under boughs of summer trees
plastic wires dangle
holding up my creativity
homeade hearts and stars
with faces that smile
there's something worth saving inside me after all

4)You can't hurt me anymore. by Art-Has-Soul

5)Bullying by heidi137

6)Save Me by Gem-3d

7)Hurt by EdiePhoenix

8) Anti-Bullying Poem*ring* *ring*
The dreaded golden bell sounds its call. The doors close in 5 minutes with no remorse for late comers. The one child, older than me, stronger than me, walks up. Backing away to the depths of the corner, I'm scared. Terrified. Already hurt by his presence. He raises a fist at me and I remember no more of the situation to come...
*ring* *ring*
Rushing to class. A group stops in the hall. In front of my small, scrawny figure. The girls are back. With their leather jackets and fancy jewelry, I know they are better than me. Meaner to the ones they don't call "pretty enough". One turns as I walk by.She shouts something terrible to the whole universe it seems. The teachers turn their backs. No administrator pays any attention. They don't care. She comes up and trips me. The rest of the hall and

9)*CONTEST ENTRY* The Safe Zone by sarazack99

10) Hell on earth must endWhile reading, listen to this song "Vampires Lullaby " it'll set you in the mood and it goes great with the poem :

Hell on earth must end

I have to walk to school now,
since my heart and mind would disallow.
All those sea of words,
the firsts, the seconds and the thirds.
Come in by the dozen everyday,
but today the shadows had caught me as their prey.
They had out smarted me once more.
I looked over my shoulder to see the tribe of four,
I'm now in the middle of war.
I run for my life to survive,
just to stay alive.
But where do i run to?
This crew is stuck to me like glue,
there isn't a safe heaven to be seen.
In the distance i see another teen!
She must help me,
just to by me time to flee.
I can't do this to her,
since it wouldn't make anything better.
She's my best friend,
my running ends.
She steps in front of me and holds them off.
While i'm standing there like i'm nothing but a wimp,
She started to loose energy.
They're hurting
Listen while reading…

11)Born This Way by creativemikey

12) Bullies have many namesThe defeater
The crusher
The thief
The traitor
The superior
The martyr
                       The bully,
                         Goes by so many names
                     But that doesn't tell you who they are...
I've known them as...
                  ...My mother...
                                               But no matter how you call them

13)Broken Adults by LittlePurplePlums

14)Mental Illnesses are Not a Trend by MadiKitten

15) Two VoicesTwo Voices
Two voices emerged from a chaotic brain.
You'll never make it, or be it,
you must be insane
to think that others care about your life
or about what you do.
You're just pathetic;
who'd care about you?
Two voices emerge from a brain lacking power.
You're nothing, you're worthless,
oh see how you cower
at us; our voices and presence.
You'll never make it
if you're even scared of our essence.
Two voices emerge in the harsh light of day.
At a school, at a college,
at a work place, oh hey,
why not on the street, a random passer-by.
You're stupid, fat, ugly;
Should be squished like a fly.
Two voices emerge; a head that was once whole.
You're nothing, you're empty...
...don't believe in those trolls...
believe in these voices instead of what's true;
believe in the voices, believe in their view.
Or do you hear through the voices,
hear through their sound.
Hear through the people trampling you like the ground
beneath their feet, the ground where you once

16)Bullying by SignHermitCrab

17)Bullying by mwahh101

18) Sticks and StonesDon't tell me sticks and stones
hurt more than words ever will.
Don't tell me a broken bone
hurts more than a broken heart.
I've heard it all before
don't want to hear it again
Because it's wrong.
Sticks and stones are just
sticks and stones
but words are knives, bullets,
The only difference is
you can't see the damage
on the inside.
Can you see the Band-Aids on my heart?
Put a cast on your broken leg,
wait for it to heal.
But put a cast on your broken heart,
try to hide your brokenness
from the world.
You can't heal a broken heart.
If someone breaks,
and no one around chooses to hear,
do they make a sound?
Or are they drowned out
by the sound of life around them?
Are they dismissed as background noise
by the very people who
say that they care?
Can you hear the sound of hearts breaking?
Open your eyes
take the plugs out of
your ears.
And choose to see
the broken hearts all
around you.

19)Have you ever just wanted an escape? by takosuu

20)bullying hurts by infernomanzzoom

21)Anti-bullying by mac2high by mac2high

22)Swirly by randomshitstuff

23)Contest entry: No More bullying by RiverDrop

Divider II by RBSRdesigns

This is a Book Cover Front & Back Commission Contest.

Divider II by RBSRdesigns

What the commissioner wants!

The last winter days by gestiefeltekatze Water Secrets by Aeternum-Art (just a reference)

1) A girl (woman) with red hair and vibrant green eyes.

2)Setting: Winter (think Alaska)

3)And Either- A man with black hair and crystal blue eyes or a snow leopard (possibly transposed over a man?)
(Both Caucasian)

4)Woman needs to be the focal point.

5) Front & Back of the cover.

6) Size: 490x729 pixels

7) She will own the rights to the artwork once it's purchased.

8) The Genre of the book is Paranormal Romance.




:bulletblack: The submission should not be offensive or in bad taste and keep it clean (no adult material) :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: You must have rights to use the stocks chosen :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Please add the group icon in the description and what the piece of art is for! :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Only 1 Submission will be accepted from each artist :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Deadline is (9pm EST) Saturday April 12TH :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Submissions must comply with #ArtHasSoul rules :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Comment below with a link to your submission :bulletblack:


:star: PRIZES :star:


The winner will Receive:

:bulletred: 2500 :points: to the winner! :bulletred:

:bulletred: 400 :points: BONUS if the art work is OUTSTANDING!! :bulletred:

Divider II by RBSRdesigns

:bulletblue: Good luck everyone! We look forward to seeing your submissions! :bulletblue:


            Front                       Back
1)Snow Girl by annemaria48The Meeting by annemaria48

2)The Leopard King Cover Re-make by Art-Has-SoulThe Leopard King Back Re-make by Art-Has-Soul

3)Chibi Contest book cover by ShadowTerra345

4)Cover by MadiKitten

5)Cover 2 by MadiKitten

6)Winter's Tale 01 by Thy-Darkest-HourWinter's Tale 02 by Thy-Darkest-Hour

7)Front Book Cover Entry by AniralBack Book Cover Entry by Aniral

8)Cover Book by MelGama

9)Book cover front by tryskell Book cover  Backside by tryskell

10)Frosty Morning by dreamswoman

11)Front And Back by Steel-Reflections
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Star Divider - Free by etNoir

:star: CHALLENGE WINNERS! :star:

:bulletyellow: the guard by kolorits :bulletyellow: Mother Daughter Eye by SweediesArt :bulletyellow:
:bulletyellow: September Winds by suezn :bulletyellow: ::Abandoned garden party :: by Sangrde :bulletyellow:
:bulletyellow: fire dragon on a marble by xXNeo :bulletyellow: Winter by IlseVerbeek :bulletyellow:



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Random from Featured Art

Random from Featured Art..

Random from Featured Art.

AOTW Winners


:star: AOTW WINNERS at ArtHasSoul! :star:

:bulletblack: Theres something about that old house by revande :bulletblack: Chamallow by gotman68 :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Still Life by Clovis-cutestkitten :bulletblack: Glimmer of hope by gotman68 :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Aniseed by ifsantag :bulletblack: Emma by debzdezigns-lamb68 :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Spring's Kisses by Sisterslaughter165 :bulletblack: Cat and mouse game by SoulcolorsArt :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Come on guys, harmony now! by JetteReitsma :bulletblack: Hard Way by Teddy-Cube :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: What goes there by gigi50 :bulletblack: Road to Downtown by Clovis-cutestkitten :bulletblack:

:bulletblack: Broken Adults by LittlePurplePlums :bulletblack:



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