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dis·crim·i·na·tion: the practice of unfairly treating a person or group of people differently from other people or groups of people

I believe a good question would be why do we discriminate? 
A simple answer is because we're taught to fear what strays out of social norms, reject the difference, and try to be as normal as possible in order to be accepted in society.

That's a lame answer isn't it? Sadly, most of it is very, very true. 

However, here's one thing that we should realize, times changed, we're a new, rising generation, unlike our fathers and mothers. Difference is everywhere. 

Voices against Discrimination is a blog series aiming to shed light on different part of our society. A window into things and people we usually fear, in hopes that we can make a difference.

By all means, these blogs are not meant to offend or disrespect anyone. These blogs have a single aim: to spread awareness.




We are emotional beings. We love, laugh, hate, smile, cry. We react to different situations with different gestures. A lot is going on inside our heads, and our brain and its complex processes are even manipulating our emotions. In other words, there's way more behind that angry feeling than the car that just cut you off. Much is involved in interpreting emotional circumstances and crafting your responses to them, and your brain is affecting how you feel and how you respond to those feelings in ways you're probably not even aware of.

“Each of us is a color-wheel combination of the resilience, outlook, social intuition, self-awareness, context and attention dimensions of emotional style,” -Richard J. Davidson.

Even though we think of emotions as internal states, psychologists define emotions as a combination of cognitions, feelings and actions . This means what we think of as "emotions" includes not only how we feel, but also how we process and respond to those feelings. 

This does lead us to our second issue. Depression is just an emotion like any other, except it proves harder to fight than a passing sadness spell. 


Depression is a state of low mood and aversion to activity that can affect a person's thoughts, behavior, feelings and sense of well-being. Depression is more than simply feeling unhappy or fed up for a few days. It leaves physical and psychological marks on a person for periods that would stretch for weeks, months, or even years, like a general mood of sadness, loss of interest in a lot of their favorite activities, insomnia, difficulty in concentrating, etc.


The chemicals in the brain are the main contributors to our mood. The three most commonly studied neurotransmitters are dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine and depression causes a change to these chemicals, in fact the change itself can contribute to depression, but it's not the only reason. Most likely, depression is caused by a combination of genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors.
Generally, depression does not result from a single event, but from a combination of recent events and other longer-term or personal factors.

The Presumed Factors

Life events

Research suggests that continuing difficulties – long-term unemployment, living in an abusive or uncaring relationship, long-term isolation or loneliness, prolonged exposure to stress at work – are more likely to cause depression than recent life stresses. However, recent events (such as losing a job) or a combination of events can ‘trigger' depression in people who are already at risk because of past bad experiences or personal factors.

Personal Factors

  • Family history – Depression can run in families and some people will be at an increased genetic risk. However, this doesn't mean that a person will automatically experience depression if a parent or close relative has had the illness. Life circumstances and other personal factors are still likely to have an important influence.
  • Personality – Some people may be more at risk of depression because of their personality, particularly if they have a tendency to worry a lot, have low self-esteem, are perfectionists, are sensitive to personal criticism, or are self-critical and negative.
  • Serious medical illness – Having a medical illness can trigger depression in two ways. Serious illnesses can bring about depression directly, or can contribute to depression through associated stress and worry, especially if it involves long-term management of the illness and/or chronic pain.
  • Drug and alcohol use – Drug and alcohol use can both lead to and result from depression. Many people with depression also have drug and alcohol problems. Over 500,000 Australians will experience depression and a substance use disorder at the same time, at some point in their lives.

Changes in the brain

What happens in the brain to cause depression is not fully understood. Evidence suggests it may be related to changes in the levels or activity of certain chemicals – particularly serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine – which are the three main chemicals related to mood and motivation that carry messages within the brain. Changes to stress hormone levels have also been found in people with depression. Research suggests that behaviour can affect brain chemistry – for example, long-term stress may cause changes in the brain that can lead to depression. Changes in brain chemistry have been more commonly associated with severe depression rather than mild or moderate depression.

Are there multiple forms of depression?

The answer is yes. There are different types of depressive disorders. Symptoms can range from relatively minor (but still disabling) through to very severe, so it is helpful to be aware of the range of disorders and their specific symptoms. Some of the common types you'd prolly know about are the Major Depression (or commonly known as clinical depression) , Bipolar disorder (yes, it's actually classified under depression types. It used to be known as 'manic depression' because the person experiences periods of depression and periods of mania, with periods of normal mood in between.), Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD is a mood disorder that has a seasonal pattern, winter blues in other words,) .
There are other types as well, for more info please check:…


There's a lot more to depression, and in a poll we've recently posted, we asked if someone would volunteer for an interview and the community response was overwhelming. We didn't pick a single person in particular, depression is a vast subject and we figured different experiences would provide a better insight, since everyone is different. 

:bulletblue:Depression is a subject everyone knows nothing and everything about, what is depression to you?

Art-of-the-Seraphim said: Depression at its core is a loss of self motivation and inspiration to do anything anymore. It's the hollowing of a person into a shell: frigid, unresponsive and unsure of have to cope with the realization of what we've become. Being depressed is a lack of answers to questions, a lack of positive results in social circles and the feeling of being lost in a world bigger that what we can reconcile our troubles to. To me it was the known fact that I was repeating the same routine over and over again while others flew over my head with relationships and career progress I couldn't match.

while Hawkieface said: Depression, to me, is an unavoidable darkness that cloaks all of us at the worst of times, but affects some worse than others. As much as some people like to disagree, depression is a mental health disorder that cannot be fixed by just being sent to a counsellor -- it takes months, sometimes years, to get over such powerful shock to one's emotional state.

:bulletgreen:How did you realize the you or a friend are suffering from depression, have you noticed any mental or physical changes?

shadowmayne96 said: I didn't really realize my own plight as much as my family did... but they didn't quite know what to call it... so we struggled as a family for years... my little brother with autism was the only one that was really getting any help for his condition, and I was left to my own devices. When i was about 12, though, things got very bad. I used to only really struggle with anger issues, but all of a sudden, my thoughts started to get darker and darker. I not only became angry very easily, but I began to think of myself and the world as worthless. I questioned if life was even worth putting up with anymore. I began to have suicidal and homicidal thoughts towards those around me. Soon enough, I had a horrible day at school, and hit my breaking point when I got home. My mother and i got into and argument that turned into a fistfight. I beat my mother, and she ended up bleeding. I spent the rest of the night fuming in the psych ward of my local hospital until they sent me off to Natchaug (mental) hospital... I got there at about 11 pm... I was there for several months and i got out the day before Christmas eve... but I didn't want to go home, I didn't want to see my family. I loathed them all at that point. But while I was at Natchaug, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

AntiMach said: Being around a mother who is chronically ill, I've characterized it as instability that futile dead end. Being from a family of users, vices aren't uncommon, and were prevalent at the worst times. As for me, it was that same question: "What's the point?" You pull and you pull and the fucker just doesn't give. It's worse when other people are the cause. 

:bulletyellow:How did your environment (family, friends, etc) react to your depression?

kofukune said: Well, my mom was extremely sad by the fact and started being hard on herself because of it. My sister denies it I think, because she blames herself for it (which I understand, since she is very abusive towards me). 

I didn't tell anyone else, but when I went to a mental hospital everyone knew. I went there because I was depressed and suicidal. Everyone was really confused because they didn't have an idea that I'd be suffering from depression. But nowadays, they're understanding and supportive. I like it.

shadowmayne96 said: Once I was released from Natchaug, my parents finally decided it was time to show me the same kind of care that they gave to my little brother. I began going to a weekly therapist, whom I always look forward to talking to. I was cycled through medication after medication... first Paxil, then a few i don't even remember, there was seroquel, and the latest one that I was prescribed was Abilify, which I have stopped taking. I am not taking any antidepressants at this time, and I am also not struggling with my Bipolar at all. I'm almost beginning to wonder if I was properly diagnosed, and if I was just a particularly bad teenager.

:bulletred:Do you approve of taking meds, or do you believe that's it's better to fight depending on will power? Also, do you believe in seeking professional help like shrinks and psychologists?

StarsWritingDesk said: I would have to say yes. I take mood stabilizers (previously antidepressants) and it helps a lot. It keeps me from getting lows and helps regulate mood swings as well, which can be a problem for diabetics. I also say seeing a psychiatrist is a brilliant idea. They're trained to help people that have these problems and can be an important part of a recovery.

Art-of-the-Seraphim said: Medication is but a means of coping but it is not a solution. It may be advertised as the cure for advanced depression but it only does enough to get you through the day so you can contribute like a normal member of society. Initially, medication can put you the path to recovery by aligning you focus on the things that matter to you; the things you've neglected. Sometimes we as individuals needs some guidance and psychologists are trained to do the very thing, but they are not there to give answers. We have to do that on our own but that push, that nudge can really make a difference. 

:bulletpurple:As an individual, how did depression affect your interaction with the people around you, and your daily habits? 

LunaNitor said:  I withdrew from everyone around me. I didn’t talk to anyone and when people talked to me I just smiled at them, but didn’t say much in return. My two years in depression were pretty much the same. I woke up, went to school, went to bed. I stopped doing the things I loved like reading and playing piano. I just laid around all day feeling miserable.

AntiMach said: Booze. Ha! That's one way to word it. Pound that depression back and keep it back. Funny, though, how that vice can make things worse. Being of alcoholic breed, I was often given the "YOU'RE JUST LIKE SO AND SO!" finger when I blasted through copious amounts of funny-juice (that accusation nowadays has the efficacy of sifting through empty shells). I also become a much more lascivious person when I've fallen into that state. Let's keep it at that.

Lack of productivity was another symptom. I never fell into a complete addiction, but when I drank - by myself preferably - I wanted to keep it going for hours. 

:bulletwhite:I know it's a long ongoing battle for some, but I also know there are changing moments that most of us go through and help us decide to move on. What made you snap out of depression and decide to fight? 

kofukune said: After my second therapy session, my therapist found out I had suicidal thoughts and I had been contemplating, and executing, for a long time. I've tried to kill myself 17 times throughout the years and I couldn't go through with them. My mom took me to 7-11 before I went to the hospital. In the parking lot, she cried so much. It made me feel so bad. I never wanted her to feel that way. That was what made me want to feel better

StarsWritingDesk said: I never got suicidal thoughts when i fell into my depression. Instead I would get homicidal thoughts on a daily basis. It could be anyone, a stranger, a friend, a family member, even my niece who means everything to me. What finally made me get help was when my father was driving me somewhere and there was a school bus driving the opposite direction. I had a flash where all i could thing of was grabbing the wheel and crashing us into the bus, but as it happened my vision got blurry and my hands started shaking. I feel like I was going to actually do it, like I couldn't control myself. So I finally spoke up and got help cause i was scared I was gonna hurt someone.

:bulletblack:Can you tell us a bit about your battle against depression?

shadowmayne96 said: It seems like all my life, I was the bad kid.... my brother's problem was diagnosed early on, so he got sympathy, and when he messed up he was carefully taught otherwise. When I fucked up, I was just a very angry little girl with no medical diagnosis to explain why I was the way I was. So i was the one that saw my parent's bad side. I was the one that had a retired navy man yelling in my face to try to intimidate me every time i did something he didn't like. sometimes, my mother sat on me... and as soon as I was 13 years old and big enough to hurt them and not just my brother, they send me off to Natchaug, where I was stuck with needles to wake me up, fed unhealthy boxed crap, and forced to take medications to try to "fix" me, but as soon as my good behavior got me out of that hellhole, I realized just how much their drugs were NOT helping me. So, still having a "problem child" to deal with, my parents finally showed me the same professional care that they had always given to my brother... but where they willingly sought out help for him, they tried to get me help out of necessity.
With my diagnosis, If they didn't seek out help for me, they would be remiss in their duties as my parents. So they found a doctor to just throw medications at me and see if they might just work. None of them did. they found Katherine, my weekly therapist, and she helped me more than any of the medications that doctor hoisted upon me. Kay helped me without all those man made drugs to mess up my insides. I now no longer go to a doctor for medication, and I stick to what works... talking to another human being that actually cares about me, listens to me, and does what she can to help. Katherine is more than a therapist to me. She helped me where no one else could... or would. I continue to talk to her weekly, and my life has gotten so much better with her guidance.

AntiMach said: Ongoing. Lots of teeth-gritting. It's not just addictions: it's also accepting the fact that, no matter how well or close you were to a person, how well your goals may be rolling, things can spiral into a shit-vortex of nuclear mindfuckery that you previously couldn't conceive. It's a battle not to be jaded. It's not really over, but it's going to be better, and if it isn't, there's always you in the equation. I guess you kinda have to get a little pissed at life and shake you fist at it without falling into complete bitterness.

:bulletorange:Have you ever thought about self harm? If you did did you act on it? How did self harm make you feel?

LunaNitor said: The only thought I had of self-harm was suicide; I never considered cutting, burning myself, etc. I thought about what it would be like to die every day. I wondered who would care, if anyone would. I wrote out a letter detailing how I felt and how much I cared about the ones I loved as well as how I wanted my funeral to be arranged. I would sit in the bathroom staring at my brother’s prescription pill and wondered how many it would take to kill me. I never attempted though because I knew it was permanent and wouldn’t be able to take it back. But I hoped every day that something would happen to me so I wouldn’t have to go on living.

shadowmayne96 said: Yes. I have had thoughts of self harm and suicide... Particularly gruesome ones. sometimes, after fights with my dad, I would feel an incredible amount of both rage and misery. The misery led me to thoughts of gory self harm, and the rage made those thoughts turn towards using my self harm to hurt others as well. I would come up with detailed scenarios of harming myself in front of my family and killing myself in a very traumatic way before they could even do anything to stop it. Those thoughts made me feel great and horrible at the same time. I loathed myself for letting my mind turn to such thoughts, but I loved the idea of using my own death to hurt my family. To make them hurt the way they hurt me. Once I did actually try to cut myself with a kitchen knife, but something made me lock up, and I physically couldn't force the knife into my flesh. It made me feel very weak. Disgustingly weak. It made my thoughts even worse. I am glad now, though, that I did not cut myself, as some of my friends can't say the same. I have since lost all urges for self harm.

:bulletpink:Today's life brings a lot of pressure and can be devastating at one point or the other. Is there anything you'd like to say to the people who are currently fighting against depression?

StarsWritingDesk said: Just remember you aren't alone. Somebody cares no matter what you think. It's so important for you to get the help you need so just hang in there and tell someone you trust. Depression is a very serious mental disorder, but it can be treated and cured. You just have to hang in there and tell someone.

Art-of-the-Seraphim said: You need to ask yourself, "What do I want?" You need to analyze why that will make you break out of the shell. You have to learn to love yourself completely. It will help caress and sooth those dark thoughts. You'd be surprised how your own love can change you. Do everything you can to pull yourself out of the hole. Change your hair, go on a walk, drive out into the sunset and break out of character. If you can't do that, channel your woe into a creative outlet. 

AntiMach said: Have something that transcends yourself. I don't care if it's religion, writing, drawing, exercise, your job, whatever. If you don't have a hobby, get one, and keep negative people behind a cage of rabid honey badgers. Have a goal and something that can take you from the trouble, at least for awhile. Try and produce, even if it's in small batches. Partition a part of your mind where you can be at peace, even if it's small. Be careful about vices: they can make you feel worse if you fall too deeply into them. If you think it's a medical problem, get it checked out. There's no reason to struggle in that regard if nature has dealt you a bad hand: science is there to lend a helping hand (hopefully). Whatever you have that gives you pride and joy, hold onto that shit for dear life and climb it. People may fail you, but you always have yourself. 

Thank you everyone for participating, we couldn't have done it without you. We didn't want to shorten this because this is a battle a lot of us has to deal with on daily bases and your experience matters more than anything. 
To anyone who's fighting right now, you're not alone in your fight. Don't give up, don't back down, live, fight, win.

if you have a topic you'd like us to discuss, please send us a note at or send a note directly to me SolidMars Also, we're open for suggestions for people who can be interviewed for different topics such as suicide, mental illness, etc.  A lot of these topics will appear in later issues.
Next issue is going to be suicide awareness. If you'd like to volunteer for an interview, please note us. We can't do it without your support.

Take a stand, make a difference. Say no to discrimination.

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